Recorded Services


Some of the the Services (Sunday and Special) from Whitehead Methodist Church and Islandmagee Methodist Church will be available on this page for downloading.

All recordings are in mp3 format.

MAC: Click on the link and download from DropBox.

WINDOWS: Right click and select Open option then download from DropBox.

Sunday Morning Service at Whitehead Methodist Church on 17 August 2014 with Local Preacher Jim Brown from Carrickfergus

07-9-14    Morning Service    Rev Jim Lemon – Retired Minister

07-9-14    Evening Service     Rev Eric Lawson – Greenisland & Rev David Clements – Carrickfergus

4-8-14    Mr Ken Stewart  Morning Service    Local Preacher

31-8-14    Mr Brian Connor  Morning Service   Local Preacher

14-09-14 Rev David Clements – Carrickfergus

21-09-14 Rev David Houston – Retired Minister