Whether you are already part of our congregations, live in the local areas, or are just travelling through Whitehead or Islandmagee visiting family or on holidays you are welcome to attend any of our services or studies. Use the Worship menu above for more info on our services and studies.

Below is some information on what worship means to Methodists.

What is worship

Jesus said “God is Spirit and those who worship him must worship in spirit and in truth” (John 4:24). This means we need to:

  • give praise – in heart and voice
  • pray – both personally and together
  • receive – forgiveness and healing
  • learn – instruction from scripture and hearing it as God’s Word, it can touch us directly
  • respond – by the dedicating our abilities, wealth and love to God
  • celebrate Holy Communion. It is the primary place of intimacy and awe where he has promised to meet us

In the Methodist Church we achieve the above by attending Services, reading the Bible, praying, helping each other, and helping to develop our communities.