Whitehead Methodist Church Easter Service

Easter Choir

Our Easter Sunday celebration at Whitehead Methodist Church was led this year by Rev Brett Barnhill. Brett is a retired minister who lives locally and has often led our services in the past.

His theme centred on Easter being the most significant date in the Christian year because it marked the resurrection of Christ and the forgiveness of our sins by his sacrifice.

Fifteen of our Sunday school young people, from age 4 to 12, performed a new Easter song for us as part of the service – “Jesus rode down the hill on a donkey”, sung to the tune of “Give me oil in my lamp”. They had been practising for a number of weeks with their Sunday school teachers and it was lovely to have them as part of our Easter celebration.

After their song they went outside for an Easter Egg Hunt in the church grounds before coming back in to be with their families for  Communion. It is great to have those young folk with us as part of our Church Family. You can see some of them with their teachers in the photo. Thanks to all of them.

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