Sunday School Anniversary Service

On Sunday 22nd June 2014 Whitehead Methodist Church held its Sunday School Anniversary service. The Sunday School Teachers had prepared a special order of service including hymns, prayers and drama involving the whole congregation.

The church was filled with parents, friends and grandparents. The service began with the hymn “Stand up stand up for Jesus” followed by a special prayer “On morning wings, in oceans deep” lead by the children.

There followed a drama telling the story of David and Goliath where each time a key word was mentioned the congregation had to do the action associated with it. For example when “sheep” was mentioned, David being a shepherd, the congregation had to make baa sounds and when Goliath was mentioned they had to do strong-man impressions just like Superman. Everyone enjoyed joining in.

The Sunday School then lead with a new hymn, “Only a boy called David”, which was new to all and which the Sunday School taught the congregation.

After the children had lifted the offering, Rev Millar gave the children’s address focussing on how David had put his trust in God to overcome Goliath.

The JMA (Junior Mission for All) awards were then presented to the children who had been collecting for the work of overseas missions through the year. Then the prizes for attendance were presented by Mrs Iris Sutter who, for many years, had been the leader of the Sunday School. The service finished with the hymn, “My God is so big”.

When the service was over tea, coffee, juice and cakes were served and the money raised by this went to the church’s Tear Fund collection.

The church feels greatly blessed by the numbers of children taking part in their Sunday School which now reaches double figures. The congregation thanked the Sunday School teachers for their dedication throughout the year and the work they put in to providing an excellent service.

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