Plans to Update Gobbins Path

By next summer thrillseekers will be able to navigate the spectacular cliff-face path once again, thanks to a £6m project led by Larne Borough Council.

Work is due to start shortly on the prefabricated steel sections of bridge and walkway that will eventually span the towering cliffs on the east coast of the Co Antrim peninsula (see below).

Plans for Gobbins Path

In 1902 railway magnate Berkeley Deane Wise constructed the breathtaking Gobbins Path walkway along the face of the towering cliffs on the east coast of Islandmagee, with half-a-mile of paths, steps, bridges and tunnels running high along the outcrops, spanning waterfalls and plunging to within a few feet of the Irish Sea. In its Victorian heyday the walkway was one of the most popular attractions in Ireland. But by mid-century maintenance of the route had come to a standstill and over the years nature took its toll. The path closed to the public in 1954.

The new walkway will veer away from the original path in some sections and will feature around 15 bridges, including a tubular bridge and a suspended bridge.

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