30 Years of Music

This year the Whitehead Methodist Choir celebrates thirty years of music.

Formed in 1984 most of the 15-strong members have been singing with the choir for the whole thirty years.

The Whitehead Methodist Church Choir

The choir is lead by Robert Ferris, the church organist, who has been the leader for most of the choir’s existence. Twenty-seven years ago he was asked to stand in for a few weeks and and hasn’t left yet! Robert said, “What I  love most about the choir is the dedication and co-operation of the members.”

Vera Girvan, a long-standing member of the choir said, “Being in the choir is such a brilliant craic. All of the members are so enthusiastic and Robert is so very patient with all of us.

The choir sings at all church services and some special events. One of their policies is to introduce new hymns and tunes to the church community.  Each year the choir organises an annual outing to the theatre or a musical.  They also hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) every February.  The first AGM was held at the Whitehead Church on 4 February 1993. Click here to view a PDF of the 1993 AGM Minutes.

Hannah212One of the choir members, Hannah Copes (pictured on the left), not only sings, but also plays the trumpet beautifully. She is currently studying music at Queen’s University, Belfast.

The choir are always looking for new talent both men and women.  If you are interested in joining please email Robert Ferris.

Choir Members
Robert Ferris, Leader and Chairman
Irene Copes, Treasurer
Liz Brennan, Secretary
Vera Girvan
Doris Nugent
Sheila Mason
Barbara Stafford
Hannah Copes
Margaret Murray
Eveline Sheerin
Madeline Cahoon
John MacQuarrie
Ken Stewart
Malcolm Cowton