New Church Council Members Required

Methodist Churches in Whitehead and IslandmageeThe Annual Congregational Meeting will be held in Whitehead on 23rd November 2014. At that meeting we will introduce the new Church Council members to replace those who have served for three years.

This year there are three vacancies to be filled, including Treasurer and Property Steward. Anyone in the Society is invited to put their name forward for any of these vacancies and, if confirmed, will take up duty on 1st January 2015. It is important that all members of the Society have the opportunity of serving on the Church Council over the three year rolling cycle and having an input into the running of the church. Please think about letting your name go forward by putting your name on the sheet at the back of the church.

Also, at the end of 2015, we will have three more vacancies for those who will have served for three years by that time, including the posts of Secretary and Society Steward, so we would encourage anyone to let their name go forward beyond the immediate vacancies. We could easily cope with as many as six new members this year in light of the forthcoming changes in 2015. Please think about this and consider stepping forward to serve on the Council in 2015.