Church Councils

Under the Chairmanship of the Minister  Rev Gary Millar Islandmagee Church Council and Whitehead Church Council meet quarterly to discuss all aspects relating to the  running of their churches, to plan services, events and community outreach activities.

Whitehead Church Council
Rev Gary Millar, Chairman
Mr Ken Stewart, Society Steward
Mr John MacQuarrie, Secretary
Mrs Eveline Sheerin, Treasurer
Mr John Barnett, Property Steward
Mr Stanley Copes, Church Coordinator and magazine secretary
Mr Peter Craig
Miss Vera Girvan
Mrs Madeleine Cahoon
Mr Terry Nugent
Mr Ronnie McGowan

Islandmagee Church Council
Rev Gary Millar, Chairman
Mr Brian Connor, Society Steward/ Treasurer
Mrs Gwenda Benson, Secretary
Mr Robin Baird, Property Steward
Mrs Liz Phair
Mrs Sally McNeill
Mrs Roslyn Pinkerton