About Us

The Methodist societies in Whitehead and Islandmagee have been caring for our community since the late 19th Century (see our Whitehead and Islandmagee history sections), we are local people caring for other local people – whatever their backgrounds may be.

We are part of the Methodist Church in Ireland and are located in County Antrim, Northern Ireland between Carrickfergus and Larne.

The Methodist Church in Ireland extends throughout the island. Methodism’s structures are shaped by its origins. A local Methodist church is called a society. We are two societies –  the Whitehead Society and the Islandmagee Society. Each society/church is administered by a Church Council. A large society or a group of societies form a circuit, which may have one or more ministers, and is in the care of a Superintendent minister and administered by a Circuit Executive. Our Superintendent Minister is the Rev Gary Millar.

A group of circuits forms a district, overseen by a District Superintendent and administered by a District Synod. The Whitehead and Islandmagee Methodist churches are in the North East District.

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